“War On War” taken from the new album ‘The Government Took The Rest’ out now.

Burn me on the beaches, burn me on the shore
Bring me up for Jesus, I will be a score
Loving in the flag, and the peace in all the world
I don’t want no loving, I just want a war.
Just give me W.A.R.R., W.A.R.R., war is what I want
W.A.R.R., W.A.R.R., a war on war

Peace is for pussies and pussies burn in hell
I love the smell of a napalm bell
I want the fever, I just want attack,
I want to give the man a heart attack

GI Joe up on a hill, gonna make love gonna kill kill kill,
I wanna see a fighter plane flying over my head,
I want war, war, war, until I’m dead
I want 60, 70 out on the score,
I wanna see the flares roll till I want more

I want war, war, war, don’t need your love,
I want war, war, war, it’s the thing I’m thinking of
W.A.R.R., is what I want W.A.R.R., W.A.R.R., is what I want.
All I want is a war on war.
(Lyrics: Ray McGinty / Music: Graham Keogh & Ray McGinty)